Episode 032

London, United Kingdom

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At The Start She Was There, At The End She Was Gone By Jon Averill

1. Idioma – Landscapes
It took me weeks to settle on the right track to open this episode but I think this was the right choice, or maybe not, can I change?

2. Luke Vibert - Sharp A2
This is a track i've loved for years but never really had a chance to share. Its taken from the Mo' Wax compilation 'Headz 2'. Luke Vibert has produced astounding music no matter what style he applies himself too. This track has the elements of what became a the clichéd 'trip-hop' style but when the piano drops the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. 

3. Roll The Dice - Guadeloupe
A more positive aspect of the internet music revolution is the chance to discover music that may have otherwise passed you by. Roll The Dice are a case in point. An enchanting collaboration between two Swedish studio boffins, Peder Mannerfelt & Malcolm Pardon.

4. Sir Lady Java - My Mom Said
This song took me about fifteen years to track down & as far as I know it was never officially released.  
Its taken from a soundtrack to the H-Street skateboard video ‘A Soldier’s Story’. Thinking back my first exposure to alternative music came from the soundtrack to skate videos.

5. Harold Budd - Neil's Theme
Harold Budd, an American ambient/avant-garde composer (& sometimes poet). ‘Neil’s Theme’ is a collaboration with Cocteau Twins & Violet Indiana guitarist Robin Guthrie and is taken from the soundtrack to ‘Mysterious Skin’.

6. Moondog – Couplet
The shortest ever track on the podcasts comes from Moondog. An artist I have become obsessed with recently so no doubt you'll be hearing a lot more from him in forthcoming podcasts. 

7. Lionrock - Snapshot On Pollard Street
I recently rediscovered Justin Robertson's 'An Instinct For Detection' from 1997. Another release that that has been lost in the mid nineties big beat mist.

8. Hawkwind - Welcome To The Future
Freakout interlude from the legendary English 'space rock' act. 

9. Piano Magic - A Fond Fairwell
From their latest album 'Ovation'. On first listen it reminded me a lot of Dead Can Dance & on further investigation DCD percussionist Peter Ulrich features on this track. So basically what i'm saying is that I was absolutely right.

10. Popul Vuh - Der Tod De Corba Verde
Another act that have been a huge influence on me since I was very young. This track is taken from the ‘Cobra Verde’ OST.

11. Luisine - Two Dots
One of the first tracks I picked out for this podcast when I started it way back in 2009. Its a perfectly formed piece of electronic pop & sonically it has a lot in common with this podcasts opening track from Idioma. 

12. Brian Eno – Becalmed
Brian Eno could be the one artist who best sums up the World Service. He's appeared numerous times in episodes from our DJs. This track 'Becalmed' is from my favourite album of his, 'Another Green World'.

13. Adrian Munsey - I Think Its Going To Rain Today
A crackly old 7" 'I Think Its Going To Rain Today' is a Randy Newman track has been covered by David Gray, Bette Midler, Claudine Longet, Judy Collins, Dusty Springfield, Neil Diamond, Peggy Lee, UB40 & Peter Gabriel. This may be the best version.

14. Orbital - Belfast/Wasted
In my teen years while most were listening to Nirvana and other long haired paragons, my walkman cassettes principally contained music from Orbital. It probably speaks volume of my lack of emotional depth that two middle aged bald men making instrumental music were the most important band of my teenage years. This is a rare version of 'Belfast' released as a promo only in 1995 and features new vocals by Grant Fulton.