Episode 35


London, United Kingdom
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Harold F Studebaker's Personal Chernoby By Ronan Fitzgerald

1. Glenn Miller - Moonlight Serenade
It's hard to imagine this record ever sounded new isn't it? It also brings to mind Grandpa Simpson screaming "Mrs Bouvier...". I listen to this every day and it seems like in future I'll look back at those days with this playing and think "those were the days."

2. Robert Wyatt - At Last I Am Free
I'm not sure freedom has ever sounded so sad. Wyatt's loping jazz cover of Chic is possibly best experienced while staring at your ceiling at 2am. It is sort of funky tho, admit it, pretty sure you could quickslow R&B dance to this.

3. Roy Orbison - House Without Windows
What can I say? Harold F Studebaker loves a decimating hydrogen bomb of camp depression such as this. Rest assured the houses in his Hartz are without windows. And love.

4. Caetano Veloso - The Empty Boat
Veloso's gritty declaration of emptiness has a histrionic grit that appeals to Studebaker's famous stubborn streak. This is a nice record to take this mix into hotter places.

5. Hugh Masekela - The Boy's Doin It
Hugh Masekela bleeds rainbows into each other, you are now entering the funky part of this mix. People may dance in the fictional city of Hartz.

6. George Duke - Dukey Stick
This song seems to be about George Duke's penis. Some would say liking the song "for how it sounds" is like buying Playboy "for the articles.

7. The Rah Band - Messages From The Stars
The concept of intergalactic love has always been a fertile crescent for disco and dance music, and the crops are in full bloom on this record, eliminating the need for ritual human sacrifice. Listening to this record would certainly make your heart feel full of sugar - if you had a heart.

8. Keletegui Et Ses Tambourinis - Kadia Blues
Keletegui Et Ses Tambourinis are a state sponsored band who did most of their work in their native Guinea in the 60s. This slow, low, sultry music holds a mirror to the night. A perfect record.

9. Angelo Badalamenti - Don't Do Anything
I don't know how someone stops hearing this sort of music as empty or vapid. Or whether you start loving the emptiness. But this is a musical replicant, a song that's ostensibly plastic jazz, but on repeated listens is the doll that comes to life.

10. Frank Sinatra - Drinkin’ Again
By now your carpet should be entirely soaked with alcohol. I guess at this point Ronan would say the mix has come full circle. Meanwhile Harold F Studebaker would say the Egyptian equation remains a mystery. Until next time...