Episode 037

London, United Kingdom
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The Ideal Correspondence
By Jon Averill

1. Harry Partch - I'm Going To Start You Off By Giving You Some Sounds
Harry Partch is an American composer & the first of three of this show's featured musicians who designed & created many of their own instruments. He was was fascinated buy microtonality, creating his own 43-tone scale system.

2. Piano Magic - Exit
Just realised our first track proper is called 'Exit', that's not important. Piano Magic have featured previously on the World Service yet they're somehow still criminally ignored. Their most recent album 'Ovations' is most definitely worth a listen. It features contributions by Brendan Perry & Peter Ulrich of Dead Can Dance. Also for some reason this track reminds of the XX, which in turn reminds me of Chris Issak's 'Wicked Games'.

3. Lusine - Gravity
Lusine is based in Seattle & releases his music through the very decent Ghostly International label. Occasionally I worry he is drifting too far into the arena of the coffee table but his productions are in the main too good to collapse into the placid zone.

4. 2562 - Greyscale
2562 is a Dutch producer who loosely falls into the category of dubstep. I generally despise most of the cliched 'wobble' stuff but if you look a little deeper than you'll find that some of the most exciting electronic music is happening around the fringes of the scene.

5. LV - Turnaway
Another impressively spacious LV track on the Hyperdub label (home to Burial, Kode9, Zomby) mixing dub, reggae & broken beat. The 'Five Years of Hyperdub' compilation is an extensive but accessible entry point.

6. Dubbel Dutch - Fool In You
Again on the fringes different styles, UK funky, garage & broken beat - its looping vocal and blasting synths are also a big nod (& maybe a little wink) to early rave productions which are a big influence on this genre.

7. Acid Brass - Lets Get Brutal
Acid Brass is an album of rave/techno classics conceived by Turner-Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller & executed by The Williams Fairey Brass Band. As with these types of projects some of the tracks fall flat but a scant few of them were worth the toil and serve to enhance the musicality of the originals. This version of Nitro Delux's 'Lets Get Brutal' is the worthiest track from the album.

8. Lucky Dragons - Open Melody
'Art-drone' duo Lucky Dragons have crept up on me to become one of my favourite bands, creating their own inimitable pallet of repeating noises drones & twisting them into something really beautiful. They've recorded 21 albums since 1999 apparently. This is from their most recent 'Rara Speaks'.

9. Quincy Jones - Exodus
The closest thing to jazz we've had on the World Service. Quincy Jones is a man who is as near to the status of a god as a mortal can hope for.He's worked as a trumpet player, musical arranger, film composer, television producer, has 79 Grammy nominations to his name.

10. Yamasuki Singers - Yama Yama
The booklet for this cd says 'educational-bubblegum-multi-cultural-psycho-rock-opera' & anything I offer beyond that will be valueless.

11. The Upsetters - Tight Spot
The fabulous Upsetters with the even more fabulous Lee Scratch Perry at the controls.

12. Library Tapes - Terese
Scratchy soliloquy from Library Tapes 'Like Green Grass Against A Blue Sky' album.

13. Top Drawer - Song Of A Sinner
We finish this podcast with a redemptive psychedelic triumph. I'd never heard of Top Drawer until his track was made available on a compilation entitled 'Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads & Dirges’.