Episode 075

Dublin, Ireland

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Unrealistic Plans
By Chequerboard

1. Yosi Horikawa - Bubbles
Nothing like the sound of cascading ping pong balls to kick off proceedings.

2. Photay - Illusion of Seclusion
Nimble house, disco rhythms with live drumming and rolling Latin percussion from New Yorks Evan Shornstein

3. Devendra Banhart - Jon Lends a hand
Wispy heart warming pop collage from the Venezuelan Texan.

4. Shintaro Sakamoto - In a Phantom Mood
Beloved cult singer, Tokyo based songwriter Shintaro Sakamoto with the lead song from his joyous third album.

5. TV On The Radio – Test Pilot (Chilly Gonzales Re-Make)
Chilly Gonzales reworks this TV on the Radio song into a soulful instrumental.

6. Gaussian Curve – Impossible Island
Serene, cheesy and delicious.

7. Exploding - Jim James
A delightfully coy guitar ditty from American composer and primary songwriter of My Morning Jacket.

8. Portico Quartet - Prickly Pear (Take from 'Knee Deep in the North Sea' album)
Instrumental band from London well known for their lush use of the miniature flying saucer like hang drum.

9. Garth Stevenson - Journey
Brooklyn-based film composer and double bassist with a song that wouldn’t be out of place on The Straight Story soundtrack.

10. Deru - The Future Never Comes
American composer and sound designer Benjamin Wynn with a Boards of Canada-eseque beauty of a track.

11. Nils Frahm - Them
Composition at its most fragile. One of many gems from the Berlin-based pianist.

12. Roger Eno - Stasis Affected
A hypnotic and absorbing opener from Roger Eno’s recent album.

13. The Durutti Column - Requiem Again
Another hopeful lament from Vini Reilly.

14. Badly Drawn Boy - In Safe Hands
A beautifully echo drenched song from Damon Gough featuring his trademark micro-cosmic production sounds.

15. The Innocence Mission - When the One Flower Suitcase
A song about new beginnings from husband-and-wife singer-songwriters Karen and Don Peris from Pennsylvania.