Episode 080

Dublin, Ireland

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By Melly

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1. A Happy Return - Shepherdess
A UK family band A Happy Return comprised of Mat Fowler, Aimée Henderson and their daughter Agnes Bell. I first came across Mat Karmil on feature on Grey Skate Mag last year. Mat is an OG British skater who has been soundtracking some of Grey's first-rate video projects as well as running a small label of stuff like this, that four track off-the-cuff folk sound that is extremely lovable.

2. Elg - La Véritable Genese
Recently released weirdo jazz/pop from Brussels! Have been listening to this record a lot.

3. Mammane Sani - Bodo
DIY synth folk from Niger,1978. Re-released by Sahel Sounds in 2013. Each ditty as perfectly formed and heart breaking as the last.

4. Black Zone Myth Chant - Feng Jing
Exoticism with attitude from Pennsylvania vie Editions Gravats and Hospital Productions

5. Acolytes - Tennis For The Blind
Ungenrefiable madness from London via Alter

6. A Happy Return - Harmsakes
Another from them

7. Melly – A loose end from the hard drive

8. Pontiac Streator & Ulla Strauss - Chat One
One of four immaculate 'ambient' cuts from the latest release on Huerco S's West Mineral

9. Pauline Marx - Une petite épiphanie parcoure les Animaux
I don't know much about this release. I found it via Mark fro Rush Hour's Soundcloud. It's from Toulouse, and it's a 25 tracker of medieval animal themed experiments, and it costs a euro.

10. Tusken Raiders - Blolp
Just out on Planet Mu

11. Shamos - 1321313132
A recent crystal panpipe bumper from Andrew Lyster's flawless Manchester-based label Youth. 

12. Melly – A loose end from the hard drive

13. Blancmange - Disco-A-Bomb-Bomb
80's DIY Mini album re-released on Minimal Wave a few years back. This record is perfect in every way. I think it could be the thing I've listened to most in the last few years actually.

14. Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards - Wrack His Days
The A1 from this timeless album on Blackest Ever Black a few years back.

15. Toulouse Low Trax - Ejekter
One from the trilogy of EP's out on Antinote last year. He has never made a bad track

16. Melly – A loose end from the hard drive

17. African Head Charge - Depth Charge
It was tough narrowing down which of Adrian Sherwood's bits I wanted to use here.

18. Phil Struck - Delta
Out recently on Quiet Time outta Brooklyn. Have got a huge amount of mileage out of it. The release and label are both great.

19. Tropa Macaca - Igual a Si
Another family band, this time from Portugal. Out on TTT a couple of years ago. I picked it up then but didn't realise how great it was until quite recently.

20. Bendik Giske - Adjust
Was over visiting my brother in Liverpool last year and we went to an exhibition in the Fact Gallery there. It was a video/dance piece by Wu Tsang (what a name I know). Bendik Giske had soundtracked it, was proper blown away by it and it took me ages to find out who it was. At that point it was available from his personal Bandcamp but It seems to have disappeared altogether from the internet recently, so perhaps it's receiving a wider release soon. Hopefully anyway.

21. Gen Ludd - Marraskuu
New Gen Ludd on Rubabdub!

22. Laurel Halo - Arschkriecher
A jazzier cut from THE POP ALBUM OF THE MILLENNIUM (Dust)

23. Oliver Coates - Another Day
I didn't know much about him until his collaborative album with Mica Levi last year, which is great. I came across this while going through his back catalog. No idea how it isn't more well known. Would bring any man to his knees.