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Best Of 2007-2011
By Jon Averill

1. Final Fantasy - The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead (Many Lives Version) 
The Canadian violinist Final Fantasy (now just known as Owen Pallet after some minor legal wrangling with a well known video game's lawyers) has featured numerous times on the World Service. This track is his best known and seemed like a polite way to kick off proceedings. 
- From Episode #015

2. Tuxedomoon - In a Manner of Speaking
One of my favourite tracks ever from San Francisco's Tuxedomoon. Formed in 1977 by multi-instrumentalists Blaine L. Reininger and Steven Brown, then two students of electronic music at San Francisco City College. This track is taken from the album 'Holy Wars'. Anyone else think the vocal that comes in around 2 mins 30 secs in sounds like a bad Bowie impersonator? 
- From Episode #032

3. John Carpenter - The Windows
A transient piece taken from the much lauded and hugely influential 1976 'Assault on Precinct 13' soundtrack. 
- From Episode #033

4. Miracle Fortress - Beach Baby
I'm not a massive fan of Canada's Miracle Fortress but Beach Baby is a track I adore. Cathedralesque reverb underpins this psychedelic pop track.
- From Episode #015

5. Mr Hopkinson's Computer - Crazy
Mr Hopkinson's Computer sings novelty cover versions with varying degrees of success. Taken from our very first episode back on 2007.
- From Episode #001

6. Goblin - Suspiria (Main Title)
A proper spine-chilling piece of horror music from genre-masters Goblin.
- From Episode #033

7. Luke Vibert - Sharp A2
This is a rare Luke Vibert track taken from the Mo' Wax compilation 'Headz 2'. 
- From Episode #032

8. Moondog – Couplet
The short spoken word piece comes from Moondog, most definitely an act worthy of further research. Living on the streets of New York for over 30 years dressed in clothes based on his interpretation of the Norse god Thor.
- From Episode #032

9. Brian Eno - The Big Ship
So many Eno tracks have featured on the World Service over the last four years it was very hard to chose one for the best of. I eventually settled for 'The Big Ship'. 
- From Episode #029

10. Chocolate Witch Band - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
San Jose psych-rock in the form of a cover version from The Chocolate Witch Band.
- From Episode #009

11. Devo - Gut Feeling
Originally appears on their 1978 album 'Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!' which is well worth picking up if you're not already familiar with the strange world of Devo.
- From Episode #015

11. Memory Cassette - Asleep At A Party
Phil Spectoresque Wall of Sound drums juxtaposed with otherworldly, childlike vocals.
- From Episode #019

12. Talk Talk - New Grass
One of Talk Talk's gentler moments, 'New Grass' undulates and flows river-like through inventive arrangement & melodies.
- From Episode #024

13. Rev AW Nix - Black Diamond Express To Hell
The Reverend AW Nix was a 1920s hellfire preacher intent on terrifying sinners onto the path of virtue with gospel influenced sermons that are now considered as musical in their own right. 
- From Episode #026

14. Of Montreal - The Past Is A Grotesque Animal
An uncompromising pièce of power pop from Of Montreal with with literary references such as Georges Bataille's 'The Story Of The Eye'.
- From Episode #009

15. Ola & The Janglers
This crackly old track from Ola & The Janglers sounds like the epilogue of the universe, dramatic & overstated with every emotion amplified to the point of distortion. 
- From Episode #015

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