Episode 041

London, United Kingdom

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Spaceships & Sand Dunes
By Andy Blake

This month's instalment of the World Service comes from a DJ & producer you may not yet be yet aware of if you live outside of London. 
We initially encountered him playing live at a party deep in the bowels of a seemingly abandoned office block back in 2009. 
Soon after we made the connection between Andy & several releases on (the now concluded) Dissident label. 

Andy currently focuses his attentions on other ventures including his label Cave Paintings, which like Dissident distribute almost exclusively on limited run vinyl. Analogue sounds delivered in analogue formats for full frequency response. The label has featured two releases so far, both from Andy himself.

Although we usually give a full tracklist & breakdown on each episode Andy would prefer the contents of this episode remained relatively unknown, all we can say is it's a more dancefloor oriented affair than our last few episodes. If you really want to know a particular track email Andy at andyblake727@gmail.com