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Galway, Ireland

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We Are The Moment, Built To Last
By Cian Ó Cíobháin

1. Arthur Russell – A Little Lost
Another paeon to absent love from the cherub-voiced cellist.

2. Destroyer – Chinatown
Sounds like Paddy McAloon from Prefab Sprout duetting with Belle & Sebastian-era Isobel Campbell.

3. Ultra Vivid Scene feat Kim Deal – Special One
A huge favourite from my teenage years, this one had all but disappeared from my life, only re-discovering it on YouTube last summer.

4. Burt Bacharach – Something Big
One of the most joyous songs I had the fortune of hearing last year, it’s from a 1973 LP called ‘Living Together’ which is not too shabby at all. I only wish the song would to on for longer.

5. Family Of Eve – Please Be Truthful
1979 debut single from Pittsburg outifit that first came to prominence VIA Keb Darge’s first ‘Legendary Deep Funk’ compilation on BBE.

6. Laura Lee – Don’t Leave Me Starving For Your Love
A rarely heard, but utterly beguiling, Holland-Dozier-Holland composition from Chicago-born Laura Lee.

7. Mystery Jets – The Tale
From an American-only release, the ‘Flotsam & Jetsam’ EP from 2007, this sounds like three songs rolled into one.

8. Da Luniz – I Got Five On It
Bit of a worldwide hit this one in 1995, a quick Google reveals this nugget of information: “ ‘I got 5 on it’ is a phrase meaning to pay half for a dime bag (a 10 dollar bag of weed) with another person.”

9. Aaliyah – More Than A Woman
I occasionally go through stages of suddenly loving genres that I may not have cared for too much in the recent past. It happened with country last summer with R'n'b.

10. Oneohtrix Point Never – Child Soldier
Daniel Lopatin’s new LP ‘Replica’ as O.P.N. reveals an artist totally letting loose in his new studio.

11. Virginia Astley – A Father
Kind of reminds me of Julee Cruise (especially her ‘Twin Peaks’ songs) . . from Virgina’s 1986 LP ‘Hope In A Darkened Heart’.

12. Scritti Politti – Absolute
From 1985’s ‘Cupid & Psyche 85’ LP, Gart Greenside sounds utterly at one with dreamy post new wave synth-pop.

13. Belbury Poly – The Willows
Jim Jupp, who runs the Ghost Box label, has released many records under the Belbury Poly moniker.

14. Disco Inferno – Love Stepping Out
Disco Inferno were formed in Essex in the late 80s and though they released a few LPs & EPs in the early to mid-90s, they remained completely off my radar until One Little Indian compiled ‘The Five EPs’ (which features this beauty) last year.

15. Kitchens Of Distinction - Drive That Fast
Every podcast needs an anthem that makes you want to roll down the car windows & crank up the volume.

16. Sascha Funke – Now You Know
From the ‘Funkt EP,’ released on Bpitch Control in 2002, this manages to sound like Ricardo Villalobos reworking The Postal Service, while still finding a cameo for Fritz Kalbrenner on vox.

17. Joy O – Sicko Cell
Slowly crept up to become an unlikely anthem in the clubs last year, with strong support from Pearson Sound, Jackman, Loefah & Bok Bok.

18. Westbam & Nena – Oldschool, Baby (Piano Mix)
“We are the moment, built to last”. Breathless sun-kissed, Italo-influenced classic from 2002, featuring none other than the voice of yer wan who sang ’99 Luftballons’.