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Galway, Ireland

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Who’s Gonna Mend My Rainbow?
By Cian Ó Cíobháin

1. Chilly Gonzales – Kenaston
A man with an unfair edge on pretty much every other male on the planet – check his track “Take Me To Broadway” where he boasts of having an extra testicle.

2. Rachel Zeffira – To Here Knows When
With talk of a new My Bloody Valentine LP, we’ll try not get our hopes up and wallow instead in this pretty cover of one of the ‘Loveless’ LPs finest moments.

3. Alice Cohen – Cascading Keys
This bears all the hallmarks of a lost 4AD classic but turns out to be the highlight of Alice Cohen’s recent LP ‘Pink Keys.'

4. The Go-Betweens – Bachelor Kisses
Grant McLennan wrote this song during Christmas '83 on his way back to London from New York. He penned it whilst sitting in immigration having been refused entry to the UK.

5. Blood Orange – Instantly Blank (The Goodness)
Dev Hynes, previously of short-lived dance punk troupé Test Icicles and who later went solo playing folk-pop as Lightspeed Champion, won me over briefly with this romantic jam.

6. SlowPlaceLikeHome – Talby’s Tower
2012 was a vintage year for the good folk of Co. Donegal. Not content on sauntering their way to Gaelic football All-Ireland glory, devouring several footballing superpowers on their way.

7. Os Mutantes – Panis Et Circenses
Tropicália legends Os Mutantes from São Paulo, Brazil with this magical mystery tour various music genres from 1966. A

8. Young Dreams – Fog Of War (Korallreven Remix)
Sweden’s Korrallreven remix Norway’s Young Dreams and in the process transport Scandinavia to a 1960’s west coast Brian Wilson-esque wonderland.

9. Animal Collective – Applesauce
I came to their latest LP with pretty low expectations on the back of lukewarm reviews. What a pleasant surprise to find that the haters and naysayers couldn’t have been more off the mark. ‘Centipede HZ’ is a riot of colour and ideas and infinitely more interesting than 90% of what passes for Pitchfork –endorsed indie these days.

10. The Pale Saints – You Tear The World In Two
From Leeds and one of the better of the shoegazing bewildebeast that roamed the pastures of the Melody Maker cultivated indie landscape back in the day.

11. Arthur Russell – Habit Of You
The man with the largest post-humous back catalogue since Johann Sebastian Bach took my breath away when I rediscovered this lost classic from his ‘Love Is Overtaking Me’ LP.

12. Arto Lindsay – Simply Are
From Arto Lindsay’s third solo LP ‘Noon Chill,’ originally released in ’97, the LP masterfully draws on art pop, tropicália & bossa nova traditions.

13. The Durutti Column – My Country
To my shame, I was a latecomer to the music of Vinni Reilly’s The Durutti Column. Finally this year I began to investigate his music – thanks to tips from listeners of my radio show – in spite of being aware of the existence of The Durutti Column since I first heard the immortal words “Factory Records” being uttered by someone at the back of the school bus to Dingle as a young fella.

14. Tortoise – Glass Museum
Keith Wallace AKA Loner Deluxe and éminence grise of the Rusted Rail label was all over post-rock before anyone else during my college days and stuck this one on tape for me during my UCG years.

15. Gene Pitney – 24 Sycamore
Originally a massive hit in Australia for Manchester-born Wayne Fontana in '67, I got to hear the Gene Pitney cover from ’73 before the original.

16. Jim O’ Rourke – Insignificance
‘Insignificance’ is also the title of Chicago musician’s third LP from 2001, from whence this track is lifted from.

17. Laetitia Sadier – Silent Spot
The former Stereolab chanteuse’s second LP ‘Silencio’ was released with a minimum of fanfare in ’12 and boasted several lovely moments.

18. Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia
For me, few singers, or creators of music can better Sonic Youth 1980’s output.

19. Grouper – Alien Observer
One of Liz Harris’ finest ever songs and that’s saying something.