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London, United Kingdom

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The Sixty Pound Podcast
By Raj Chaudhuri (NTS/Boiler Room)

Over to the man himself...
I have had an idea of recording a 60 minute podcast with a budget of £60… The format being pretty simple. Go into a record store(s) & set myself this budget to buy some records & create a mix from the purchases.

This mix was created in one-take, recorded on vinyl from records bought in Lucky Seven Record store & Alan's Record & CD Shop.
Total costs: £66. OK - so not as easy as I thought. I'm over 6 minutes short & £6 over-budget … So sue me".

1. Joni Mitchell - The Fiddle & The Drum (taken from 'Clouds' LP - £5)
There is something quite hauntingly beautiful about Joni Mitchell's voice, but even more so when you remove all instruments & have it as naked and fragile as it appears in this song.

2. Weather Report - Morning Lake (taken from 'Weather Report' LP - £4)
Weather Report are fucking great... & whilst they are more known for their uptempo jazz-fusion stuff more similar to Birdland, this more solemn and stripped number shows another side to this brilliant group.

3. Talking Heads - Drugs (taken from 'Fear of Music' LP - £6)
This rather hypnotic track is a stand-out track from 'Fear of Music'.

4. Astral Sounds - Galaxia (taken from 'Space Drive' LP - £5)
It said "Music De Wolfe" (the British pioneers of library music) and it said "Space Drive"… That was enough for me to know that it was going to be ace.

5. Barry White - Im Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More (taken from 'I've Got So Much To Give' LP - £3)
This is a classic drum break & bassline used in numerous hip-hop records. Couple that with the fact that the walrus of love is wearing a rather fetching mustard suit on the cover of the LP makes this record an absolute must.

6. Patrice Rushen - Remind Me (taken from the "Straight From The Heart" LP - £4)
The famous track from this album is 'Send Me Forget Me Nots' or… the 'Men In Black soundtrack song' to total morons. However, this is definitely my favourite track from that album.

7. Lou Rawls - Heartaches (Just When You Think You're Loved)' (taken from the 'Sit Down & Talk To Me' LP - £2)
Tons of strings & harmonies, all lead through by Mr Rawl's soothing voice.

8. James Brown - 'World Cycle Inc.' (taken from 'Nonstop!' LP - £4)
In general, i've always been fascinated by instrumentals. Being a hip-hop vinyl fan, you either veer towards the rapping or towards the beat. I was always the kid at a record store that moved the needle straight to the instrumental track.

9. Yes - Heart of the Sunrise (taken from 'Classic Yes' LP - £4)
Incredible drumming, constant switches, & funky as hell - Yes definitely are one of my favourite prog-rock bands.

10. Japan - Wish You Were Black (taken from 'Adolescent Sex' LP - £6)
The woman at Lucky Seven was playing this on Saturday afternoon. I guess this will always be the beauty of buying from a bricks-&-mortar record store, as opposed to buying online. The possibility of a random purchase or recommendation from the shop staff. An incredible track.

11. The Who - Baba O' Riley (taken from 'Who's Next' LP - £5)
An incredible intro to an incredible song… Pretty timeless in my mind.

12. East of Eden - Jig-a-jig (taken from 'Jig-a-jig' 7" - £5)
I actually have no idea about this… digging around for some records in Allan's record store when a friend pulled this out & told me that I needed to buy it.

13. A Certain Ratio - Flight (taken from 'Flight' 12" - £8)
So much of what A Certain Ratio do is just so funky… this is no different. Beautiful atmospherics & rhythms throughout.

14. The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black (taken from 'Paint It Black' 7" - £5)
I remember Flying Lotus ending his 1st RBMA set with this track & wanting to own it on vinyl ever since. A great track to end a mix with.

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