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Dublin, Ireland

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Obelisk High
by Chequerboard

1. J.R. Alexander – Memories
The beautifully produced opening track from an EP released in 2012 by Jerome Alexander of Message to Bears featuring the sounds of the cups & saucers jostling about as patterned percussion.

2. Holden – The Illuminations (Excerpt)
A brief tumble through the stars via an excerpt from James Holden’s new album 'The Inheritors'.

3. Clark – Soft Eruptor
One of five tracks from the Iradelphic sessions sent out to people on Clarks mail out list recently & described as some extra material from his recent release 'Iradelphic', it contained some of my favourite Clark tracks ever. The blurred use of Martina Topley Birds vocals here envelop the guitar beautifully.

4. Recomposed by Max Richter – Autumn 3 (Vivaldi, The Four Seasons)
A brief striking piece from Max Richter’s interesting Four Seasons recomposition project.

5. Girls Names – Pittura Infamante
The key track from the brilliant LP 'New Life' by the Belfast 4 piece.

6. Wax Stag – Fantasy Gay
A lovely leisurely piece of electro pop from the 80s referencing synth maestro Robert Lee aka Wax Stag.

7. Tim Hecker – No Drums
Ghostly, poignant, hopeful and bleak, this piece from Tim Heckers amazing Ravedeath 1972 album is the audio equivalent of a haunting.

8. Chequerboard – Obelisk
A brief track from my new album 'The Unfolding' out now on Lazybird records. www.chequerboard.com

9. Christ – One Sunny Cloudy Day
A melting glacier of nostalgia under a blanket of surface noise from the elusive Scottish electronic artist Christ. The accompanying video by Stefan Larsson depicting two mysterious figures mirroring the movements of robotic trees in a snowy realm is a masterpiece.

10. Bark Psychosis – All Different Things
A beautiful exercise in the extremes of quiet & loud from English shape shifting post rock/musical project Bark Psychosis.

11. Red House Painters – Sundays & Holidays
An old tumbling autumnal gem from Red House Painters 1994 Shock Me EP.

12. Ethernet – Current (Loscil Remix)
Scott Morgan remixes Ethernet creating a stunningly vast realm of icey tones. Listen out for the distant bombs going off.

13. ilex – ilk
Great piece from Dublin based Holly McGowans ilex project recalling Susumu Yokota via Orbital.

14. Colleen – Break Away
An interesting vocal montage from Cecile Schotts brilliant new album ' The Weighing Of The Heart.

15. Library Tapes - Sun Peeking Through
The beautifully poignant title track from Swede David Wenngren’s recent album as Library Tapes.

16. Ametsub - Opening
Above the clouds time with this strident gem from little known Tokyo-based Japanese artist Ametsub.

17. Blanck Mass - Sundown
Music to watch stars explode to would be a fitting description for the music of Benjamin John Power, one of the founding members of Fuck Buttons.

18. Clark – Guy Fawkes/Night Night
A hungry robot bird beckons in an unspooling guitar loop in this intriguing vignette from the Iradelphic Sessions mailout EP.

19. Luigi Boccherini – La Musica Notturna (Excerpt)
I couldn't resist finishing on this charming snippit of Boccherini. Playful, charming but hinting at so much more.

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