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Galway, Ireland

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In 1984, I Was Hospitalized For Approaching Perfection by Cian Ó Cíobháin

1. Lou Reed & John Cale - Open House
Featuring the immortal line 'It's a Czechoslovakian custom my mother passed on to me," taken from the 1988 LP 'Songs For Drella,' Lou Reed & John Cale's first post-Velvet Underground attempt at a reconciliation.  Drella was their nickname for their mentor Andy Warhol, who had passed away a few years previously. It unfolds like a succinct yet gripping short story.

2. Oneohtrix Point Never - Still Life
From Daniel Lopatin's latest LP, the new age-influenced 'R Plus Seven' on Warp.  This most imaginative of producers can somehow take the most disparate and seemingly incongruous sounds and weave them into a spellbinding sound-tapestry  … it's hard to think of anyone else in contemporary music right now doing this to such a high standard.

3. Cupp Cave - Everlastic
Belgian producer from his recent 'NVMP' EP on Ramp… there's a song, possibly an old song, bubbling in there somewhere.  I wonder who could it be?

4. Desire - Under Your Spell
New York label Italians Do It Better outfit, produced by Johnny Jewel, featuring members of Chromatics and Glass Candy. This contemporary reboot of 50's-girl-lovelorn-pop was a well-kept secret on their debut LP 'II', until it rose to prominence on the 'Drive' movie soundtrack.

5. Julia Holter - In The Same Room
I much prefer last year's Holter LP to this year's effort.  It's called 'Ekstasis', you'll find it on the essential NYC label, Rvng Intl. and features this beautiful choral-pop turn.

6. The Space Lady - Humdinger
Casio-pop from the streets of 1980s San Francisco from the fecund imagination of Susan Dietrich. She's covered everyone from Irving Berlin to The Electric Prunes and has established herself as one of the most celebrated figures in outsider music.  London label Night School recently compiled some of her lost classics on a greatest hits compilation. Not sure if this is a cover or an original, I think it's an original … perhaps someone can enlighten me?

7. Nico - I'll Keep It With Mine
Nico, in fine voice, covering Bob Dylan, from her début solo LP 'Chelsea Girl' from 1967.

8. Silver Jews - Random Rules
I nicked the opening line of this song for the title of this podcast but the fact is the song is simply bursting with wonderful lyrical twists (even though second line "Slowly screwing my way around Europe" would've made for a more controversial title, it might have been thought of improper of me. It would certainly have been considered disingenuous of me).  In short: the lyrics rock. David Berman on songwriting duties, from the 1998 LP 'American Water'.

9. Chad VanGaalen - Peace On The Rise
This one puts me in mind of classic  Sonic Youth song structures, where the words and melodies of a song disappear into feedback and dissonance, but  somehow manage to make their peace with the squally bits: unlikely bedfellows with different agendas pulling along just fine, thank you. Taken from the Canadian artist's 2011 LP, 'Diaper Island'.

10.  Leila - Eight
It's all about the anticipation of that sublime arpeggiated finale. From her 2012 LP, 'Eight'.

11. Mssingo - XE2
Probably the most up-to-date track on the podcast, from London's Goon Club Allstars label. I know next to nothing about him/her/them, except that I'm a sucker for disembodied r'n'b squeals 'n' shrieks.

12. Lushlife - Big Sur
Top track.  From the 2012 LP, 'Plateau Vision'.  This guy has some flow. I wonder what a 'sur' is?

13. Stereolab - Cybele's Reverie
One of Stereolab's finest and dramatic moments - check out the amazing breakdown for starters  - from their 1996 LP 'Emperor Tomato Ketchup' on Duophonic.

14. Thick Pigeon - Jess + Bart (Bemusic Remix)
Bemusic was the name members of New Order (and Arthur Baker) used in the studio when producing other artists' tracks.  This is a remix that Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert did for mysterious New York duo Thick Pigeon. This remix was scheduled for release as a 12" single in 1985 on Les Disques du Crepuscle but was never released at the time.  Instead it surfaced years later on a compilation of Bemusic productions.

15. Jessy Lanza - Against The Wall
Canadian chanteuse, taken from her superlative 'Pull My Hair Back' LP, released this year on Hyperdub.  The fingerprints of Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan are all over it: he co-wrote and co-produced the album.

16. Blood Orange - You're Not Good Enough
Dev Hynes is finally making waves - after previous unmemorable stabs at different genres, first as Test Icicles, then as Lightspeed Champion - through his recent work with Solange and Sky Ferreria. 

17. Miracle - Something Is Wrong
The kind of song one might expect from 'Violator'-era Depeche Mode, from a duo on Planet Mu, compromising Dan O' Sullivan (of Ulver, Mothlite, Grumbling Fur and Guapo) and Steve Moore, from their recent debut LP - as Miracle - entitled 'Mercury'.

18. Burial - Stolen Dog
Tucked away on the 'Street Halo' EP from 2011, it's one of the Burial tracks I listen to the most.  And I must admit that listen to him quite a bit. His new EP should be dropping on the Hyperdub any second now.

19. Zomby - Natalia's Song
You can't beat a good Burial impression and this is Zomby's homage to the man's sound - from his 2011 LP 'Dedication' on 4AD.

20. This Mortal Coil - Mr Somewhere
More 4AD to close out the podcast, this a vintage choice from Ivo Watts-Russell's 80's/early 90's  supergroup This Mortal Coil, which featured a cast of countless musicians & singers, often recording other people's songs.  From the 1991This Mortal Coil LP 'Blood', this is a cover of Brisbane cult 70s/80s indie band The Apartments, featuring Caroline Crawley on vox, accompanied by Martin McCarrick on cello.