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London, United Kingdom

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Make Mine A 99
By Jon Averill

1. Bonnie Dobson & Her Boys - Winter’s Going
‘I’ll kill your baby & then i’ll kill you’, strong stuff from a Canadian. This song opens the podcast which was originally intended as an ode to the onset of summer. The fluctuating climate of May 2015 left us with something a whole lot less defined however.

2. Miaoux Miaoux - Hey Sound
Miaoux Miaoux is Julian Corrie, a Glasgow based producer. This track is taken from his 2012 album ‘Light of the North’ which i’ve never listened to.

3. Howie B - Butt Meat
Second part of a Glasgow producer double is an absolute masterclass by Howard Bernstein in how to make cut & paste hip hop. A near perfect record.

4. J. K. Mayengani & The Shingwedzi Sisters - Khubani
No idea where I got this record from, it’s great though isn’t it?

5. Sly & Robbie - Computer Malfunction
Another example of how much better I am than you is that I would steal this record from my dad’s collection in my early teens, fascinated by it’s intermix of groove & spacey electronics.

6. Gunnar Haslam - Aisepos
Brooding strings sit atop an tribal sounding drum machine beat. Taken from a compilation with the fantastic title of ‘Music for ShutiIns’.

7. Original Tropicana Steel Band - Calypso Rock
This track couldn’t be more antithetical to the last.

8. Pye Corner Audio - One Time Pad
And once again we transmute from the sultry to the foreboding. Taken from the recently released ‘Intercepts’ album. A collaboration between Pye Corner Audio & Shock World Service favourite Not Waving.

9. Number One Ensemble - Flor De Coca
Low bpm disco from a compilation entitled ‘Italo Disco – Essential Italian Disco Classics 1977-1985’

10. Owen Hand - Cam Ye O’er Frae France
Long time followers of the podcast will wonder where it all went wrong.

11. Paul Stewart - Kiki & Pepe
I always like to include some stories or spoken word elements in each podcast. This time it’s a section of audio from an album called ‘The Warrick Sessions Volume 1’ which is a bizarre & fascinating listen.

12. Joe Meek - Orbit Around The World
Another bizarre piece of music from 1960 from Joe Meek, the UKs answer to Brian Willson & Phil Spector. This ploughs similar territory to his other retro-futuristic track ‘Telstar’.

13. Between - Devotion
Psychedelic, meditative, transcendental, cogitative.

14. Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan - Journey’s End
On my last visit to New York we went to late night honky-tonk (yet hipster) den called Skinny Dennis (152 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211). This is the kind of shit kickin’ anthem that would have gone down a treat there. And by co-incidence this is also our journey’s end.