Episode 065

London, United Kingdom
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Guitar Side Of The Divide
By Spaces

1. The Wailers - Don't Ever Leave Me
This guitar solo by Ernest Ranglin is possibly the best ever.

2. Elizabeth Cotten - Freight Train
Version straight from YouTube is probably rawer than the live studio album.

3. Fripp & Eno - Wind On Water
If you're forced to take a flight on your own listen to this on headphones.

4. Brian Eno - Third Uncle
When I was young I remember trying to run really fast and almost falling forward mid-run. This song hurtles along so fast it sounds like exactly that.

5. Luciano Cilio - Della Conoscenza
The vocals in this are up there with Ligeti's Lux Aeterna.

6. The Sonics - The Witch
It was a toss up between this and Strychnine.

7. Neil Young - Guitar Solo, No. 1
The opener from the Dead Man soundtrack. The sleeve notes have great photos of a gurning Neil Young in front of a big screen, scoring the film with just an electric guitar. Or maybe I'm imagining that

8. Bill Frisell - Effects Pedal Demonstration
(I actually like this.)

9. Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better
(And this.)

10. Laurie Anderson - The Puppet Motel
A less well known Laurie Anderson song from the Bright Red album. Actually there's not really any guitar in here…

11. Julee Cruise - Floating|
Not the normal guitar lick associated with Julee Cruise/Twin Peaks but close enough to raise all sorts of Laura Palmer-based hallucinations.

12. Neil Young - Organ Solo/Do You Know How To Use This Weapon?
This gets in because he plays the organ like he plays the guitar. Haunting and stays with you.

13. Battant - Old School Baby
Battant suffered an abrupt and tragic end in 2011 with the death of Joel Dever, this version of the Nena/Westbam is less polished but rawer.

14. Donal Keating & John Flynn - KLG
Recently blown the dust of my guitar to add some bits to the tracks my musical twin Donal Keating has been sending me across the globe.

15. Pete Thorn - Guitar Picks
(I don't actually like this.)

16. Wes Montgomery - No Blues
Found this relatively late too. The way the album's mixed it sounds like Wes' amp is right next to you.