Episode 068

Dublin, Ireland

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Swelling Progress
By Bandcloud

1. Jana Irmert – Altitude Adjustment
From a compilation called sel-dentified no-ale artists making experimental electronic music. Irmert is a Berlin-based sound artist, “interested in the vague, irrational, less tangible aspects of existence”.

2. Head Dress – Devil's Triangle
LA-based Ted James Butler, who also records cassette-only podcast Norelco Mori. This experimental track was released on Castle Bravo.

3. CUBOP – Nocturnal Panacea
CUBOP shared this track as an "aural gift". A nice clash of experimental noise & more earthly sounds.

4. Vlasta Burian – Vlasta Burian v Obrazarne (in the Picture Gallery)
This excerpt comes from a compilation of tracks related to The Okeh Laughing Record. It's a 1930 recording of a Czech comedian.

5. Leaaves – The Only One Who Knew
Leaaves makes lush music fuelled by melancholy; this track comes from a release called We Will Forget Our Sadder Days In Summers That Never End. Apt.

6. David Fyans – In An Object
Sign up to this guy's Bandcamp sub. He drops beautiful ambient modulations all the time.

7. Mr Mitch – The Man Waits (Talbot Fade's Extension Cord To The Abyss Mix)
I first got to know Talbot Fade when he shared his debut self-released album with me on Twitter. I was blown away. The first time we met was going to Boxed, where Mitch was playing. Now he's remixing Mitch & collaborates with him as Yaroze Dream Suite. <3

8. Linda O'Keeffe – Slowly Moving Out From The Centre
Somehow this piece was created on an iPad. It featured on a compilation by British artists in the noise sphere that raised funds for the homeless at Christmas.

9. Agnes – 02
The excellent Aught project, which released 10 tapes by 5 artists, has expanded into a new realm. 012016002001 is a two-track vinyl release from Agnes, an unknown quantity, that features rhythmic patterns of non-musical noise.

10. Manuel Senfft – A Singing Comet
Researchers noticed that the 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet was emitting 'music' in the form of oscillations in the magnetic field in its comet environment. German composer Manuel Senfft helped transform the data into the music we have here.

11. doepf fm2
Honestly, I can't remember where I got this. That's the problem with wav downloaded files from SoundCloud. TAG YOUR MUSIC, folks!

12. TANS – Queer Nation
An Italian artist whose debut tape, Die Unsichtbare Überall, appeared on Seagrave.

13. Edna King – Tracing
This is a beautiful, almost choral track from Toronto’s Edna King. It fits perfectly with Call Super’s track, adding haunting layers to an already beguiling piece.

14. Call Super – Leosengor
Call Super is my favourite DJ and producer. This comes from his first release for Houndstooth, with whom he's enjoyed a fruitful relationship over the past few years. It’s deeply haunting & emotive, & encapsulates his ability to imbue straightforward structures with untold depth.

15. Line Idle – Woodblocks (Short Edit)
Just a nice short track that sounds nice. I found it & never went further with the artist & hey, that’s okay.

16. Beatrice Dillon – Curl
One of the most forward-thinking artists out there. This is just the intro to a track on Alien Jams, something I could listen to for hours on end.

17. Jorge Velez – Second
Jorge Velez has been dropping a lot of archival stuff on Bandcamp, such as this piece, from a live recording in 2001. A world away from the gnarly techno he releases on labels like L.I.E.S.

18. Kara-Lis Coverdale – ICON -C
I can’t put into words how this incredible piece stops my heart every time. KLC has an incomparable ability to build worlds with sound.

19. Diane Valence – Marion Vizenta
I love foggy, melancholic ambient sounds, & this piece fits that bill better than most.

20. Jane Cassidy – Exit To The Shallows
Irish artist Jane Cassidy released my favourite album of 2015, a sleeper release that deserves more attention.