Episode 085

London, United Kingdom

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Lock Robster’s Conundrum
By Dyllan Zain

1. Peter Kowald & Tatsuya Nakatani - Definition 11

A textbook recording from Quakebasket record label. The track, taken from the album, "13 Definitions Of Truth", is much like any other Nakatani collaboration with a single horn player. The beauty is, everything he does is champion material. Every note Nakatani plays and bends out of shape can never be fully recreated to perfect duplication.

2. Lumisokea - Jenseits Dub

Released on a double cassette called 'Contemporary Dance' from the infamous Opal Tapes. Tons of goodies on the compilation including this track - metallic flys buzzing past your ear while the war horns echo from the hidden valley. 

3. Forgotten Corner & Khidja - Tatooine Moons (Cassini Division Remix)

A beautiful collaboration between Forgotten Corner and Khidja with a mystic twist by Cassini Division - forged in dark caverns wielded through ancient temples.

4. A Strange Wedding - Cosmic Bastringue

Chuggy Sluggy. Downtempo coming out of France. 

5. Soft Rocks - Thunder Thunder (Spectral Empire Remix)

Spectral Empire runs the remix on the Soft Rock Brighton Boy's track. Running through the cosmically composed jungle. There are even some lion field recordings in there - watch out Attenborough! 

6. Asha Mirr - Blue Love

One of my recent obsessions. I came across Asha Mirr recently - instantly blown away and always include her tracks in my sets. Massively underrated and relatively unknown for the calibre of production. Feels like it's always on the very verge of disintegrating into complete chaos yet never ventures into truly harsh territory which I enjoyed. Thought provoking and impossible to pin down, It's boundary-expanding and unsettling. 

7. Asha Mirr - Killers 

Again, another 'killer' track from Mirr. 

8. J-ZBEL - Nik Molina 

Deconstructed breakbeat with holistic sounds of worship. J-zbel guys are the weirdest, nicest people you'll never meet.

9. Fleck E.S.C - Nice Guy (Pip Williams RMX) 

FLECK is one of my fav's at the moment for gritty, sleazy electro. This one is remixed by Pip Williams - harsh wind samples, followed with an unapologetic bassline and claps. 

10. Carl Finlow - Hashtag (Fleck E.S.C Remix)

Another gritty electro track, this time remixed by Fleck. Mad scientist vocals with undertones of bleepy bubbles. 

11. Sematic4 - Dream Creator

Been digging this one a lot lately. Coming from Dalmata Danie, Sematic4 and DJ Overdose join forces putting our three tracks each on the release. Full of dirty breaks - everything you'd expect from Overdose and old-school legend Sematic4. 

12. The Mover - Underwater Operations 
What a build up track this one is! It creeps up on your a like a communist submarine - firing off torpedos into your nervous system! This one is pretty mellow given The Movers history. One for a building until threat level midnight. 

13. The B-52's - Rock Lobster

Ah. Rock Lobster. What an oddball wonky track, eh? Impossible not to bubble your head to the rift. I've always wanted to lay this down in a club, hopefully, will get the chance one day! ROCK LOBSTER!