088: Dreamscapes (New Members)

Now & then we like to focus on new artists & rather than do a mix, dedicate a podcast to their own productions (such as R. Kitt's amazing Cycles Podcast). This month we focus on Dublin producer New Members in a release he's put together made up entirely of music he's produced.

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082: Cycles (R. Kitt)

We asked Robbie to put together an episode for is. He instead came back with a beautiful piece of music entitled ‘Cycles’, made up from sketches & ideas that may at some point become separate tracks in their own right. Similar in some ways to the seminal E2-E4 by Manuel Göttsching or James Murphy’s 45 33.

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081: Trigger Points (Sunken Foal)

This is a hard one to categorise. Sunken foal has managed to cram 52 tracks into a podcast of just over an hour. Microgrooves ranging from Eno to Autechre, Daphne Oram, Caterina Barbieri. There’s so much in here. Dive in…

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080: 0mph (Melly)

Dublin producer/designer/DJ Melly did this great episode for us in October 2018. Also includes a few of his own productions not heard before.

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076: Times When I Know (Sias & Lumigraph)

An outstanding collage of field recordings, spoken word, found sound & very little actual music. Put together by Sias & Lumigraph in early 2018. This really takes the music podcast format into new territory.

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074: Leave The Skin You’re In At Least Once A Week (Cian Ó Cíobháin)

Shock World Service 074: 
Leave The Skin You’re In At Least Once A Week (Cian Ó Cíobháin)
11/12/17 Galway, Ireland

1. Radio Weirdo - Friday 5.58pm
Brian Coney, of ‘zine The Thin Air has been recording off-kilter, lo-fi delights these past few years.

2. A Lilac Decline - Theremin Song
A Lilac Decline is an anagram of Cecilia Danell, who hails from Sweden but resides in Galway.

3. Loner Deluxe - Watch Lake Eli
More from Galway’s Rusted Rail imprint, this time label guru Keith Wallace reaches into his ghost box & discovers some Canadian boards.

4. Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Garth Knox - County Down
The Gloaming’s Ó Raghallaigh on Hardanger fiddle & Knox on viola d’amore collaborated together this year, releasing an LP called ‘All Soundings Are True’ on Diatribe. Here’s their otherworldly take of an on old Irish standard.

5. Lankum - The Granite Gaze
Stirring contemporary ballad from Dublin’s Lankum from their gripping new LP Between The Earth & Sky.

6. Hannah Peel - Archid Orange Dwarf
Hannah Peel from Craigavon has released music with The Magnetic North & Beyond The Wizards Sleeve.

7. sfiiinx - Maze
Composer & soprano Síobhra Quinlan’s Labyrinth Suite has just been released on Ensemble Records

8. Rollers/Sparkers - OH!
Possibly the best album made on Irish soil in recent memory is by Dublin’s Rollers/Sparkers. It’s called Interior Ministry.

9. Rollerskate Skinny - Man Under Glass
‘Horsedrawn Wishes’, released in 1996, is the second album by Dublin’s Rollerskate Skinny and might be one of the greatest albums of the nineties, which includes this among its numerous highlights.

10. Somadrone - The Howling Infinite (feat Margie Lewis)
Somadrone is one of the country’s most enduring & imaginative talents and this is taken his sixth LP Wellpark Avenue, which is due in spring 2018.

11. Naive Ted x Post-Punk Podge - Once A Week
The utterly beguiling & unpigheonholable Naive Ted hails from Kerry but unlike most Kerrymen, he knows how to swing a hurley. Post-Punk Podge on vox. His chant is why this pod is called thus.

12. MuRli - RUN [Prod. by mynameisjOhn]
This is from Limerick based /MC MuRli’s debut EP, produced by mynameisjOhn. Alongside God Knows, you might now know them best as Rusangano Family.

13. So Cow - Shackleton
Brian Kelly, the force-of-nature behind So Cow, has influenced a generation of Irish bands. From Tuam, just like the Sawdoctors. He recently recorded a new LP with new band Half Forward Line.

14. Strength N.I.A. - Northern Ireland Yes
Minimal New York no wave vibes from Derry band Strength N.I.A’s debut LP released earlier in 2017.

15. Trick Mist - Crumbs Abound
Originally from Co. Louth, but now based in Cork, having previously resided in Manchester, Gavin Murray can claim to have lived in two of the world’s major music cities. This beautiful atmospheric love song came out in 2016.

16. neonfrench - makelove
Dublin-based Djamel Medjy released his debut LP on his own Portals imprint. Worth seeking as is his recent ‘Bach Of The Bus’ EP, on which this is featured.

17. Gadget & The Cloud - Continue
Kelly Doherty hails from Cork and this gem is from her 2017 debut LP Songs For Sad People To Dance To on Little L.

18. Or:la - Jaipur
Known for her compelling DJ sets, Derrywoman Or:la is based in Liverpool & this off-kilter piece of hypnagogia is from her UK Lonely EP on Hotflush.

19. Comrade Hat - Old Amsterdam
If George Michael had sang with The Blue Nile, he might have sounded a bit like Derry’s Neil Burns.

20. Katie Kim - Thieves
When David Lynch discovers Waterford’s Katie Sullivan, she might become his next muse.

21. Ryan Vail - Above The White Wash (feat Best Boy Grip)
I became aware of Ryan Vail after a spellbinding performance at 2016’s Other Voices in Dingle. Here he is with fellow Derry-based Eoin O’ Callaghan (yes, loads of Derry folk on this podcast, woof!), who records as Best Boy Grip & - most lately - Elma Orkestra.

073: A Beatless Drift (The Drifter)

Our old friend The Drifter put together a beautiful collection with barely a beat to be heard throughout.
He didn’t miss a beat however, this is our most listened to episode ever!

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072: Constellation Swan (Alien Jams)

This one really grew on me. Definitely my favourite episode of the last few years. It’s put together by Chloe Freda who runs the excellent Alien Jams label & show on NTS.

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070: Strange & Torturous Customs Practiced In Our World Today (Seminal Wave)

Shock World Service 070: 
Strange & Torturous Customs Practiced In Our World Today by Shawn Renaud
9/8/17 Ontario, Canada

1. Cold Cave - The Idea Of Love
Latest single from 'Heartworm Press'. Check the video by Amy Lee

2. Asphixiation - L'Acrostique D'Amour
Dancey post-punk from Australia, recently reissued on Chapter Music.

3. Bronze Age - Coupling Symbols
Alberich's (Kris Lapke) alter-ego. This was put on Bed of Nails which is a label run by Dominick Fernow who's previously featured on the podcast in his Vatican Shadow guise.

4. ZYX - Trust No Woman
One album wonders, recently reissued by Dark Entries.

5. Prurient - Washed Against The Rocks
Ambient piece by the previously mentioned Dominick Fernow this time under his Prurient alias

6. Nine Circles - Twinkling Stars
1982 classic from long time Dutch minimal faves

7. KWC 92 - Dreaming Of You
Left field ambient opener from ‘Dream Of The Walled City (O.S.T.)’ on L.I.E.S. The soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist.

8. Modern Art - Hello/Goodbye
Longtime psychedelic synth project from Gary Ramon

9. Lussuria - Viper Room Vigil
Dark ambiance from Italy, released on Hospital Productions.

10. Bene Gesserit - Nobody Can Know
Long time Belgium faves featuring Alain Neffe

11. Whilst - Goya's Skull
Left field dance on Glasgow’s Optimo Music.

12. Death In June - Come Before Christ & Murder Love
Early synth-laden track from neofolk giants

13. Brusque Twins - Speaking In Colour 
Lovely minimal synth track from their album 'A Voice In The Night; on Visage Musique.

14. Tomo Akikawabaya - The Invitation Of The Dead
Japanese minimal wave from 1984

15. Black Rain - Protoplasm
Ambient industrial freak out project from Stuart Argabright (Dominatrix, Death Comet Crew) on Blackest Ever Black'

16. Ende Shneafliet - Session Zeitgeist
We finish with Dutch experimental giants Ende Shneafliet.

069: The New Objectivity (Jon Averill)

Shock World Service 069:
The New Objectivity (Jon Averill)
24/7/17 London, United Kingdom

1. Oxford Street Saxophone Man – Unknown
Part of my listening experience when I 1st moved to London was about how much background noise overtook music on my headphones, i’ve always tried to reflect this back into podcasts.

2. Wagner - Das Rheingold, Vorspiel
Powerful piece of music i’ve never quite been able to get into a podcast, until now!

3. Mark Franklin - Release To The System (Beaumont Hannant Remix)
From Warp’s amazing 1994 compilation Artificial Intelligence 2

4. Delicate Features - Prologue
St Petersburg's Delicate Features. Like listening to an opera backwards, in space!

5. Bruce - Before You Sleep
A cold hammering drumbeat gives way to emotive electronic shimmers.

6. Visible Cloaks & Dip in the Pool – Valve (Revisited)
A crystalline polished soundscape from the Portland duo previously known for the mix; ‘Fairlights, Mallets & Bamboo’

7. Ben Frost - Venter (HTRK Remix)
Understated lo-fi textures from Ben Frost

8. Wyatt/Atzmon/Stephen - The Ghosts Within
The avant-pop legend Robert Wyatt from his collaborative album ‘For the Ghosts Within’.

9. Gora Sou – Choreography
Pristine electronic droplets give way to breathy textures & polyrhythms

10. Aphex Twin - With My Family [48k]
Rare Aphex track that’s not so rare now as he’s just put it up to buy on his new site.

11. Afro-Disiak - Tambours D'Eau
Belgium world music from 1988 just given a fresh release on Optimo Music.

12. Seefeel - Spangle
2nd track from Warp’s Artificial Intelligence 2 compilation.

13. O'Flynn - Desmond's Empire
The mysterious ‘O Flynn’ with one of my favourites so far this year. Ethnographic, emotional house music!

14. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Elephantism Theme (edit)
2002’s oddly titled ‘Elephantism Theme’ winding up this episode.

15. Oxford Street Saxophone Man – Rivers of Babylon [Extract]
Part of the same recording that intro’d the podcast. Recorded on phone on Oxford St last year.