081: Trigger Points (Sunken Foal)

Shock World Service 081:
Trigger Points by Sunken Foal
20/10/18 Dublin, Ireland

1. Daphne Oram - Melodic Group Shapes
Simple, primitive synthesis and effects, and all the better for it. Daphne Oram had a unique method of drawing shapes on 35mm film and covering it to sound. I’m not sure if his is an example of the method though.

2. Raymond Scott - Sleepy Time
Some of the tracks of this ‘Soothing sounds for Baby’ album are perhaps a little harsh and piercing for today’s infant but I think this one has a comporting warm tone. I love how you can hear the difference between each voice of the synth sequence.

3. Monoton - Jsca
I became aware of Konrad Becker’s early 80’s synthetic soundscapes some years ago and I’ve been a huge fan since. Mono Tone / Monotonous: however you want to take it is fine by me.

4. Bernard Parmegiani - Jeux de Configurations
Parmegiani is kind of a Daddy for me. By simply deviating from conventions in art you can pretty easily come up with something considered Avante-Garde. I find that sometimes the emperor is wearing no clothes. But making that work compelling, absorbing or transcending is another matter. I listened Parmegiani’s ‘La Création Du Monde’ in college in a pitch black room played back on a big set of Genelec mid field monitors and it spoke to me in volumes. Hope it speaks to other people just as much.

5. Arnold Dreyblatt - Luftmenschen I
Minimalist composer Arnold Dreyblatt explores the psychoacoustic properties of prolonged stringed instrument techniques on his ‘Second Selction’ LP. Well worth lying down for.

6. Rashad Becker - Dances V
This is kind of ‘The New Music’ for me. Really descriptive synth work-outs with little or no spacial affectation. Lots of dynamics and energy. The absence of regular rhythm and melody is so welcome.

7. Duane Pitre - Section IV
Big lovely acoustic drones. Exploring layers of harmonics with washing movements. This is from 2012’s ‘Feel Free’ and is totally worth a listen.

8. Meyers - Inhaler II
Another artist I kinda think of as ‘The New Music’ ; ). Apparently, Meyers was struck down with a bad illness and relegated to a small computer/contact mic set up and set about making a bit of a masterpiece in his ‘Negative Space (1981–2014)’ LP.

9. Roly Porter - Birth
Roly Porter’s ‘Life Cycle of a Massive Star’ is a massive, massive album. Originally a member of Planet-Mu’s Dub Step visionaries Vex’d along with Jamie Kuedo. Kinda does what is said on the tin.

10. Lasry / Baschet - Quatuor Pour Trois
The opening titles to early 80’s children’s television show ‘Music Box’ are forever inscribed on my brain. A few years ago I found out the music was by Jacques Lasry and played on the Cristal Baschet (invented by the Bashet Brothers), the creepy sounding glass & metal rodded instrument. So unique sounding and beautifully composed to get the maximum ‘odd’ but memorable recordings. This track is from ‘Les Structures Sonores’ album and is well worth checking out.

11. Autechre - Mirrage
Taken from Ae’s latest ‘NTS Session (part 4)’ LP. People have been crying out for Autechre to make more legato music since their ‘Vletrmx’ opus in 1995. We got a couple of hours of it this year and it’s deep to say the least. This is probably my favourite track from the eight hour album put out this year (2018).

12. Kate NV - BUG
Really charming, free sounding compositions from Kate NV. Beautifully illustrated postcards to go along with all the tracks from her для FOR LP.

13. Brian Eno - Innocenti
Eno seemed to have really codified his ambient approach by 1992’s ‘The Shutov Assembly’ LP. So much patience and space and still so slick. I go back to this LP a lot. Neither happy or sad, just right ; )

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