083: Piscean Dreamscapes (Aoife O'Neill)

083: Piscean Dreamscapes
by Aoife O'Neill
11/3/19 Cork, Ireland

1. Black Taffy - Geraldine
Black Taffy's focus lies in pairing ambient music with bass & percussion. Frequently employing the use of tape loops & other antiquated mediums to create pillowy worlds of wow & flutter. Geraldine samples therapeutic instruments; the harp, koto, & flute instruments.

2. Cybe - The Running Water
Inspired by travels in Asia, this track features recordings & instruments from the East. This track has a real 80s feel & sense of hopefulness/romance. Right up my alley, & hopefully yours too.

3. G.S. Schray - Greyfield Envoy
This has a nostalgic feel due to its incorporation of forgotten 80’s studio projects. It sits somewhere between new age, balearic/art rock with an epic climax towards the end.

4. Wilson Tanner - Before Lotus
Produced by Australians Wilson & Tanner, who are fans of turning natural elements in their environments into beautiful warm composition

5. salami rose joe louis - Cassionova flipp of Cheflee
Californian based Cassionova flipp presents a super cute mix of soft vocals, lo-fi beats & off key sounds, perfect for sleepy day-dreamy afternoons.

6. Birdlabs - The View From The Big Window
Drawing influence from early 1970's synthesizer music, contemporary ambient & field recording concepts alike, 'The View From The Big Window' thoughtfully revitalises an age-old relationship between electronic music & the natural world.

7. mejiwahn - June
Mejiwahn is a musician hailing from Minneapolis/Oakland. Taken from his Lúil Ó Fadó EP which focuses on experimental beats incorporating storytelling & dreams. Meditative in sound, it captures a tone that is reflective, helped by vocal snippets about peace & spirituality.

8. Ricky Eat Acid - Inside my house; some place I keep dreaming about
Synths, blips & melodies create a sense of warmth in this short but dreamy number.

9. Khotin - Dotty
Dotty was taken from ‘New Tab’, an ambient album from the fantastic Vancouver based producer Khotin. The release focuses on textures, melodies & samples that you can space out to.

10. Art Wilson - Rebecca's Theme (Water)
Produced using Synthesiser & Drum Machine, it was originally composed as a soundtrack for an Australian contemporary dance work. A new age vibey number that combines elements of nature.

11. Suzanne Kraft - Talk From Home
The warm synth loop playfully ebs & flows, picking up momentum as the melody progresses, creating a mixture of feelings for the listener.

12. Kobina - Unsure (Ambient Edit)
Unreleased material from Kobina who pulls together diverse & often disparate strands to create uniquely textured, emotive sound.

13. Brokenchord - When You Sleep
Brokenchord is a Lituanian music composer/producer, picked up by Black Acre after a mix of his was aired on BBC Radio One’s Experimental Show, hosted Mary Anne Hobbs in 2010. With nods to the likes of Bonobo, Radiohead & Illum Sphere within the LP, Brokenchord also has an exquisite cinematic quality to his production.

14. Maria Somerville - All My People
The title track from a fantastic debut LP by Galway native Maria Somerville. The track opens up with a hypnotic beat that draws you in before your immersed in a wash of delicate vocals, layers or distortion & ethereal sounds. Beautiful.

15. Grouper - Headache
More melancholic yet peaceful dream pop with stunning vocals and a gentle strumming guitar accompanied by the occasional sound of a finger slide - lush!

16. Beta Librae - Shy
Beta Librae is a producer based in New York City, who runs the Technofeminism residency with Umfang at Bossa Nova Civic Club. Shy is the opener from her Sanguine Bond album which includes fluid ambient, tech, rave & dub numbers.

17. New Members - Aztec Dawn
New Members is a talented Irish producer who has released previously on Pear & SITU. He finishes the mix by leading us into the balearic world of Cyprian dreams.