084: Lake Tranquillizer (Der Opium Queen)

084: Lake Tranquillizer
by Der Opium Queen
9/4/19 Berlin, Germany

1. June11 - White Bird
It can be hard to select an opening track sometimes, but the opening mantra of loosening up and beginning to float, up and away from our bodies is a good place to start. Released on the ever great treasure chest of Stroom Records out of Belgium.

2. Jura Soundsyem - The Latern Song
A whimsical floatation device from the great Isle of Jura label, they do great work for reissuing oddball of disco-not-disco and baleiric treats. Those spaced out trumpets in the background clears the path for the dubbed out, weird and wonderful. The label first came to attention for me for their reissue of the classic Fire in My Heart, by Escape from New York, my friend let us stay up in his attic a few years back after a night out and we listened to a wild mix called Andy Blake Rocks the Boat, great times, I think even the Beegees were in that mix.

3. Black Merlin - Standing At The Summit Of Bosavi
Black Merlin for me has been a staple in my mixes for some time. His penchant for tough electronics is complemented and contrasted by his immersive soundscape experiments. The key feature of these experiments is the dank soaking atmosphere of his exotic field records, where the synthesized elements are full of raw transcendental power. Combined with loosely geographical field records, you have a great meeting of document and fantasy, which i find interesting and sounds just great. This track is taken from his latest LP which is collected from field recordings surrounding the Kosua tribe of Papa New Guinea.

4. Aponogeton - The Night Sky is Falling (Sixth Seal)
Another track from the Stroom camp, this time its a highly dense 3D ambient piece with high emotional content that swirls in and out of focus, not much else to say about this one, but sit back and enjoy it.

5. DJ healer - Get away
The artist behind DJ Healer, and the countless other monikers that came before really is a true auteur. With so many different genres and it can be hard to know what exactly the expression of his style is, as its always evolving, changing. For me what it all has in common is his ability to make the small details really interesting, without necessarily using detail, its just a hard hitting effect, like he can get his point across with relatively formulaic formats (House, Techno and so forth) I guess he can put his stamp on effortlessly what has been produced over and over for years, and make it fresh!

6. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Bridgetown Dub
If Black Merlin's Kosua, mentioned previously, profiles real geographical landscapes and twists it into a full colour psychedelia, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement aka Vatican Shadow has been carving a deep jungle soundspace that is entirely his own for a good few years now. For me this is a project that can really take you there, while Kosua acts as a warped quasi document of the real world exotica, RSE is not stuck to the limitations of the real world, allowing for some seriously dark and mind bending ideas to bloom. Reggae-dub in the humid depths of the jungle, why the hell not. This track comes from the 2 track Venus Flytrap Exotica.

7. OSSIA - Radiation
Nice zone out here, accidentally pushed further into the extremity by the help of my turntables on33, 45 RPM function, this was actually accidental, but the slo mo skank out that occurred as a result melted my brain and stole my heart. blissed out in a dub hell.

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