078: This Wont Hurt... Much! (Hardway Bros)

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Shock World Service 078:
This Won't Hurt... Much! (Hardway Bros)
20/08/18 London, United Kingdom

1. DubXanne - Walking On The Moon
I don't know too much about DubXanne, other than that they are musicians from Hamburg dedicated to exploring the dub roots of The Police's music. I'm not a big fan of The Police and in all fairness they do it with fairly mixed results, but I like the Laswell-like ambience on this one.

2. The Last Poets - Understand What Black Is (Mala Remix)
A recent offering from the Last Poets, their first recordings in almost 20 years and to celebrate their formation 50 years ago. The founding fathers of hip-hop have taken a dubwise turn and sound all the better for it to my ears. 

3. Brain Machine - Crystal Cloud
In which Guido Zen and John Tye (of The SeaHawks) explore the tones, tastes and textures of 1970's Dusseldorf.

4. Yello - Take It All
On from Dusseldorf to Zurich. From their 1981 album,  "Claro Que Si", a timeless piece of experimental, electronic pop music, which sounds as though it could have emerged from a Berlin studio only last week.

5. Curses - Gold & Silber ft. Perel (Chinaski Painkiller Bonus Mix)
The work of Luca Venezia aka Curses and Annegret Fiedler aka Perel, this actually did emerge from a Berlin Studio a matter of weeks ago, but sounds like it could have been made in 1981.

6. Maxi and Zeus - American Dreamer
More time travel, in which Joel Martin and Matt Edwards (aka RadioSlave), conjure images of West Coast psychedelia.

7. Nicolas Jaar - John The Revelator
Nicolas Jaar excavating deeper into the American psyche. This reading of Blind Willie Johnson's 1930's blues number is buried in deep lysergic silt. Who's that writin'?

8. Clive Stevens & Brainchild - Mystery Man (Velvet Seasons & The Hearts of Gold Remix)
It's an international affair - Clive Stevens a genuine englishman in New York produced this record with an all star cast which was later popularised by Italian DJ Daniele Baldelli. Here in it's wonderful Joel Martin and Gerry Rooney remix. Cosmic!

9. Torch Song - Can't Find My Way Home
This could possibly be one of the greatest cover versions of all time. William Orbit & Laurie Meyer's 1986 cover version of the Steve Winwood / Blind Faith song. A testament to the production genius of William, made on an 8 track, still sounds like the future.

10. The Deep Fix - Time Centre
Michael Moorcock was a writer of swords & sorcery novels and sometime Hawkwind collaborator. It's something of a mystery to me as to how he came to be making proto-techno...

11. Edwin Star - Get Up Whirlpool! (Eric Duncan Edit)
Better known as a Motown number one chart topper, but here's Edwin in mind-melting cosmic disco mode. Another Baldelli track...

12. The Pet Shop Boys - All Over The World (This Is A Dub)
Yes, it's the Pet Shop Boys, yes it samples The Nutcracker, yes it's heavy as fuck. What more is there to say?

13. Killing Joke - Requiem (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches The Sea Dub)
Martin "Youth" Glover's monumental dubbing of Requiem. I just love the sonic textures of this record. Proper.

14. Reptile Youth - Black Swan Born White (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix (Extended Version)
Reptile Youth are a duo from Denmark, Keep Shelly in Athens are a chillwave duo from Greece. Together they make an ethereal and soaring racket.