072: Constellation Swan (Alien Jams)

Shock World Service 072: 
Constellation Swan by Chloe Frieda (Alien Jams)
22/11/17 London, United Kingdom

1. Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma - Miracle Mile 
This whole album is amazing, a collaboration between Robert A. A. Lowe and Ariel Kalma called "We Know Each Other Now Somehow." It was released on RVNG in 2015.

2. Xordox - Diamonds
This release came out this year on Editions Mego, a project helmed by JG Thirlwel with Noveller featured in three of the tracks. Shimmering synths morph into an intense horror soundtrack.

3. recsund - Hall of Waits 
This one is by my partner Clifford Sage, I also included a glimmer of this track at the very beginning of the mix, It's from his release Deadsounds V.

4. Charles Manier - Mesrop
I have a few of Manier's records (an alias of Tadd Mullinix) and I always go back to them! Gritty, weird, EBM, industrial goodness, it's hard to pick one track from the record as there are so many great tracks to choose from.

5. Alek Stark - GC 4406 
Alek Stark has an impressive discography, dating back to 2002, many of which I have yet to check out. This release on CPU is pretty solid, some beautiful electro here.

6. Reckonwrong - Morton
This track is from Reckonwrong's release on Pinkman, it's a hard one to categorise. I love how this track unfolds, especially with the "I feel that my music is important" vocal sample.

7. Rings Around Saturn - Synchrotron
Synthy perfection from this electro gem.

8. Jensen Interceptor- Carter's Green Factory
Another one from the mighty Central Processing Unit, a Drexcyan beauty.

9. Dreams - Gut Bounce
This one fits well amongst the Apron back-catalogue, with chugging acid lines and floating melodies.

10. Morphology - Darkstar (The Hacker Remix) 
This track is from a remix record with The Exaltics, JTC, Sync 24 and Deixis on the label Cultivated Electronics. Dark and brooding electro remix by the Hacker.

11. Echo 106 - From Brunnen to the Nile
Euphoric electro, this is one of my favourites.

12. Wilted Woman - Heating Problem
New record on Alien Jams :)

13. Terribilis - Alucarda 
Released on a Quantum Natives compilation "Seize the Means of Production," her set at the ICA this year was wonderful.