070: Strange & Torturous Customs Practiced In Our World Today (Seminal Wave)

Shock World Service 070: 
Strange & Torturous Customs Practiced In Our World Today by Shawn Renaud
9/8/17 Ontario, Canada

1. Cold Cave - The Idea Of Love
Latest single from 'Heartworm Press'. Check the video by Amy Lee

2. Asphixiation - L'Acrostique D'Amour
Dancey post-punk from Australia, recently reissued on Chapter Music.

3. Bronze Age - Coupling Symbols
Alberich's (Kris Lapke) alter-ego. This was put on Bed of Nails which is a label run by Dominick Fernow who's previously featured on the podcast in his Vatican Shadow guise.

4. ZYX - Trust No Woman
One album wonders, recently reissued by Dark Entries.

5. Prurient - Washed Against The Rocks
Ambient piece by the previously mentioned Dominick Fernow this time under his Prurient alias

6. Nine Circles - Twinkling Stars
1982 classic from long time Dutch minimal faves

7. KWC 92 - Dreaming Of You
Left field ambient opener from ‘Dream Of The Walled City (O.S.T.)’ on L.I.E.S. The soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist.

8. Modern Art - Hello/Goodbye
Longtime psychedelic synth project from Gary Ramon

9. Lussuria - Viper Room Vigil
Dark ambiance from Italy, released on Hospital Productions.

10. Bene Gesserit - Nobody Can Know
Long time Belgium faves featuring Alain Neffe

11. Whilst - Goya's Skull
Left field dance on Glasgow’s Optimo Music.

12. Death In June - Come Before Christ & Murder Love
Early synth-laden track from neofolk giants

13. Brusque Twins - Speaking In Colour 
Lovely minimal synth track from their album 'A Voice In The Night; on Visage Musique.

14. Tomo Akikawabaya - The Invitation Of The Dead
Japanese minimal wave from 1984

15. Black Rain - Protoplasm
Ambient industrial freak out project from Stuart Argabright (Dominatrix, Death Comet Crew) on Blackest Ever Black'

16. Ende Shneafliet - Session Zeitgeist
We finish with Dutch experimental giants Ende Shneafliet.