064: Float A Boat (Rory Bowens)

Shock World Service 064:
Float A Boat(Rory Bowens)
2/5/16 London United Kingdom

1. D-Day - Float A Bort
Beautiful mis-spelled dream pop from Japan. Taken from their 'Vale of Promises’ release on that most elegant of formats, the Flexi-Disc.

2. Henri Texier - Amir
Avant-Garde Jazz Vocal beauty from the French double bass player.

3. Stockton's Wing And Steve Cooney - Ice Fields
I found this one in my Dad’s 7" box on a trip home to Ireland last Christmas. The B-side of 'Skidoo' a popular didgeridoo led reel that ended up the Irish charts. This track, 'Ice-Fields' allegedly was recorded by Stephen Cooney on location at the Irish Arctic Expedition 1981 using a wind harp.

4. Bill Nelson- Sleeplessness
Taken from Chamber Of Dreams (Music From The Invisibility Exhibition), a collection of backing tracks from his experimental multi-disciplinary performance project. The source material for these backing tapes came from the archives of the Echo Observatory. Bill Nelson’s expansive back catalogue is endlessly interesting. One of Britains great avant-pop eccentrics, he suggests on the liner notes that “Musicians owning this album, might enjoy sketching their own ideas over these tracks in the privacy of their own home”.

5. Operating Theatre - Eighties Rampwalk (Fanning Session)
Operating Theatre was Irish composer Roger Doyle’s new wave band/ theatre troupe collaboration with Olwen Foure. Discovered this one on the excellent Strange Passion: Explorations In Irish Post Punk DIY And Electronic Music 1980-1983. Check it out if you haven’t already

6. Unknown Artist - Veni L’amou (Come My Dear)
Recorded by Alan Lomax in Blanchisseuse (Tunapuna-Piarco), Trinidad in 1962. Session notes say "Recording of the above tunes was made at the home of Mrs. Jean Eustache Stoute from 8 p.m. on May 2nd until early next morning.”

7. Wally Badarou - Endless Race
Grab Badarou’s Echoes album.

8. Makoto Matsushita - I Know
Taken from his album 'First Light'. The broken English lyrics only add to the feeling of a relationship breakdown.

9. Mgqashiyo Ndlovu - Siyalivum’icala
I know absolutely nothing about this one except from the caption on YouTube which reads "Zulu Music (South Africa)"

10. Bagarre - For Your Pleasure
Really weird spoken word Italo-Disco tune. A lot of the joy of Italo comes from the often awful vocals and this is a prime example of that.

11. Vanity 6 - Make Up
Prince Rogers Nelson & Denise Katrina "Vanity” Matthews RIP

12. Lives of Angels - Imperial Motors
Taken from their Elevator To Eden album, lovingly reissued by Dark Entries a couple of years ago. Imperial!

13. Cleaners From Venus - The Jangling Man
Beautiful stuff from UK home recording pioneer Martin Newell. What I love about the Cleaners From Venus catalogue is that all the tunes are unabashedly massive pop tunes and the lo-fi element doesn’t feel in any way stylised, but rather just them doing their thing.

14. Slowdive - Crazy For You (Alternative Demo Version)
The balearic sound of Slowdive.

15. Kath Bloom, Loren Mazzacane - When Your Dreams Come True
Taken from their Restless Faithful Desperate album. Heartache.

16. Mense Reents - This Is The Way
First heard this one a recording of a Donal Dineen set from Electric Picnic a few years back, a name most Shock World Service listeners are undoubtedly familiar with. The sad euphoric feeling of the tune is the quality I most enjoy in music.