063: Day Of The Locust (Jon Averill)

Shock World Service 063:
Day of the Locust by Jon Averill
3/3/16 London United Kingdom

1. Frank Sinatra - Empty (Extract)
This podcast began after a conversation about how overrated I thought Frank Sinatra was. As if to prove myself wrong I shone a spotlight into the darker area of his back catalogue.

2. Fridge - Cut Up Piano & Xylophones
Polyphonic probing from Kieran Hebden, Adem Ilhan, & Sam Jeffers. Recording as Fridge back in 2001.

3. Perdita - Rubber City
This sounds like it’s from a David Lynch film, because it is; Wild at Heart from 1990.

4. HomeSick, Silkersoft & Keight - Faraway Suede
Fresh beats recorded at this year’s Red Bull Music Academy in Paris.

5. Sinoia Caves - Elena's Sound-World
From the soundtrack of Beyond the Black Rainbow, a queasy & uneven retro styled sci-fi film from 2010.

6. Iggy Pop - The Endless Sea
Relatively restrained & nuanced balladeering. Endless Sea is from 1979. Which is the last time Iggy Pop wore a shirt.

7. Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor (Loop)
I looped the intro of this track (which also appears on podcast 18) to serve as underpinning for the next.

8. William S. Burroughs - From Here To Eternity
A caustic, sardonic piece from Burrough’s collection of short stories; ‘Exterminator’ from 1973.

9. Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - Day Breaks, Night Heals
Proper fuzzy, nasty electronic resonance from 1979. Man music.

10. Vangelis - Le Singe Bleu 
Been listening to Van the man’s pre Blade Runner output a lot recently. This is from 1973’s L'Apocalypse des Animaux.

11. Lee Hazlewood - The Nights
Hazlewood is the grizzled troubadour who documented the fast disappearing American frontier. 
We play a lot of Lee on this podcast so much so I actually had to search back through the previous 62 episodes to make sure this track hasn’t already been used.

12. P-Model - Kameari Pop
Amazing freaky outlandish electropop from Japan circa 1979.

13. Dave Clarke - Splendour
Crunchy tractor hip-hop from techno stalwart Dave Clarke showcasing the power of the loop.

14. Gareth Anton Averill - Little Palace Horns
Another track recorded at this year’s Red Bull Music Academy. Familiar name too.

15. Alan Vega - Love Cry
This continues the outsider art template Vega created in Suicide alongside Martin Rev.

16. Moritz Reich - La Fabrique des hommes tristes: Ouverture
French melancholy from frenchman Moritz Reich.

17. Frank Sinatra - Empty Is
Frank returns to complete one of the more interesting songs in his cannon. I’m still not fully sold though.

18. Laraaji - Zither Dance
Apparently discovered by Brian Eno. New age clanging & banging from Laraaji closes out this episode with a hypnotic zither melody.

19. Mare Street Band Recording
A little post-script recording I made in Hackney that threatens to break into the Lambada at any point.