062: Everything Comes From Chaos (Cian Ó Cíobháin)

Shock World Service 062:
Everything Comes From Chaos by Cian Ó Cíobháin
26/12/15 Galway, Ireland.

1. Young Marble Giants - Music For Evenings
From ‘Colossal Youth’, their debut album which was released in 1980.

2. Katie Dey - y o y o
Melbourne-based Katie Dey released one of the year’s quirkiest EPs in the shape of ‘asdf asdf’.

3. Kings Of Convenience V Röyksopp - I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From
One of the key songs in my life, all the way from Norway. This was released the same year as Röyksopp dropped their debut LP ‘Melody AM’.

4. Björk Mit Funkstörung - All Is Full Of Love (seconddotted)
Back in the nineties Funkstörung made essential outsider electronica, where they merged complex drum patterns with melancholic melodies.

5. Team LG - On Fire
It’s been a decade since Team LG released their debut - & only - record. I haven’t heard anything about them since and had, indeed, forgotten about them, until I re-discovered this CD, which had been missing from my collection for years.

6. Low - What Part Of Me
Everyone’s favourite Mormon indie pop band returned with this perfectly-formed pop song in late summer.

7. Marker Starling - Husbands
Christopher Cummings is Marker Starling, previously of Mantler.

8. Kingdom - Bank Head
This classic on the Night Slugs label is almost 3 years old now, but a month doesn’t go by that I don’t find myself returning to it.

9. Venetian Snares - Your Face When I Finally (Glass Version)
Yes Aaron Funk is actually his real name and this hugely talented Canadian producer has been pretty prolific since releasing his first records in the late 90s.

10. Inga Copeland - I Am Your Ambient Wife
Inga Copeland is your ambient wife. & I’m not going to argue with her.

11. Junior Boys - Teach Me How To Fight
The debut LP from Junior Boys, entitled ‘Last Exit’ masterfully combined 80’s synth-pop melodies with yearning vocals & the jittery, irregular rhythms commonly associated with UK Garage.

12. Jam City - Crisis
After falling heavily for Jam City’s neon-kissed LP it wasn’t a huge leap for me to endear myself to the same artist’s U-turn towards neon-kissed r’n’b torch-songs that make up ‘Dream A Garden’.

13. David Axelrod - The School Boy
Composer, arranger, producer, drummer & ex-boxer David Axelrod has had a huge influence on the music landscape with the likes of De La Soul, DJ Shadow & DJ Premier having sampled him.

14. Susumu Yokota - Morino Gakudan
Susumu Yokota’s sounds have haunted me since first discovering him back in ’99.

15. Our Brother The Native - Tilia Petiolaris
Back in 2006, two Michigan teenagers & their Californian buddy released their debut LP ‘Tooth & Claw’, an album born out of acoustic strumming, field recordings, analogue feedback, weird samples & often particularly twee vocals.

16. Jackson C. Frank - Milk & Honey
The composer of this song lived a life of heartbreak & woe, but was a huge influence on folk singers such as Nick Drake (who covered this song) & Paul Simon.

17. Saint Sister - Madrid
One of the debuts of the year, courtesy of Gemma Doherty & Morgan MacIntyre, which was recorded in Co. Kerry by Alex Ryan of Hozier.

18. Kendal Johansson - Blue Moon
A gorgeous cover of a Big Star song, released on Sincerely Yours.

19. Saint Etienne - Hobart Paving
Saint Etienne pulled out all the stops at The National Concert Hall last September, performing their classic début ‘Foxbase Alpha’ in its entirety.

20. Spiritualized - Ladies & Gentlmen We Are Floating In Space (Original Elvis Mix)
Back in 1997, Spiritualized’s third LP was barely on the shelves when the LP had to be recalled after an objection from Elvis Presley’s Estate.

21. King Midas Sound & Fennesz - We Walk Together
So many of my favourites on 1 record. feat. Kiki Hitomi, with extra FX-drenched, shoegaze shimmering from Austrian guitarist & producer Christian Fennesz. Total heart-stopper.