056: Opening Scenes (Chequerboard)

Shock World Service 056 
Opening Scenes by Chequerboard
01/09/14 Dublin, Ireland

1. Beck - Phase

The opening scene can be seen through the opening.

First of two featured instrumentals from the album 'Morning Phase' (2013).

2. Ryan Teague - Shadow Play

Down rabbit holes and over trees.

The lead track from this Bristol based composers third album 'Field Drawings' (2012).

3. Other Lives - For 12

Gallop for a ghost train.

From the debut album Tamer Animals by this Stillwater, Oklahoma five-piece (2011).

4. Sarah Neufeld - Hero Brother

An untamed instruction.

Title track from the solo album from Canadian violinist with Arcade Fire (2013).

5. DIIV - Geist

Strobe tunnels under New York.

From the Brooklyn guitar-pop crews debut album Captured Tracks (2012).

6. Steve Hauschildt - Auto Mile

Movements in the night sky.

First of two pieces from former Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt taken from the album S/H. (2013).

7. Evenings - Lo-velo

Trailing shells into the city.

Taken from the album Yore by Virginia born Nathan Broaddus (2013).

8. The Field - They Won't See Me
Mist over the battering ram.

Taken from the album 'Cupid's Head' from 2013 by Swede Axel Willner.

9. Sunken Foal - Cash for Gold

Synthesizing the shared expenses.

Taken from the 'Friday Syndrome Vol.2' by Dublin based musician Dunk Murphy (2013).

10. Mica Levi - Love

Shifting moral ground.

Taken from the OST for 'Under the Skin' by English composer Mica Levi (2013).

11. Eomac - Rainmaker

Light piercing through.

Taken from Berlin based Dublin producer Ian McDonell's debut album Spectre (2014). Ian is also half of electronic outfit Lakker.

12. Jacaszek - Elegia 

A solitary boat.

Taken from Polish electroacoustic musician Michał Jacaszeks album SMM : Content (2011).

13. Yo La Tengo - Needle of Death

One grain of pure white snow.

Cover of Bert Jansch song from the album Today is the Day! (2003).

14. Steve Hauschildt - Still Cloudy

The heat bends the distance.

The second Steve Hauschildt track also taken from the album S/H (2013).

15. Julianna Barwick - The Magic Place

Waves become wings.

Taken from the album 'The Magic Place (2011).

16. Beck - Cycle

The closing scene can be closed from within.

The second instrumental from the album 'Morning Phase' (2013).

17. Alex Chilton - All We Ever Got from Them Was Pain 

'I love them all the same.'

Taken from the album 'Free Again : The 1970 sessions'.