042: The Shoelace That Snapped (Jon Averill)

Shock World Service 042:
The Shoelace That Snapped by Jon Averill
04/10/11 London, United Kingdom

1. John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me
The more eagle-eared among you will recognise the reverb-doused production techniques of Joe Meek all over this track.

2. Os Ritmistas Brasileiros - Samba 2° Andamento
From the 1972 album ‘Batucada Fantástica'.

3. Aidan John Moffat - Nothing In Common
I’ve never seen Grease. One day, one day.

4. Spiritualized - The Ballad Of Ricky Lee
This track is taken from Spiritualized’s ‘Amazing Grace’, which is their most disjointed (worst) album.

5. Charles Dodge - The Days Are Ahead
This is taking from a 1976 album entitled ‘Synthesized Voices’, a work that used analysis and re-synthesis of human voices.

6. Bryan Ferry - Which Way To Turn
Summer ‘81. A middle aged man from Washington, County Durham is driving aimlessly. The final embers of night begin to fade. He feverishly flips between radio stations, eventually settling half way between two, the dialogue from both overlaps amid white noise which bubbles & pops like water boiling in a pot.

7. Joe Goddard - Gabrielle
Seems like a short while ago when Hot Chip seemed to rule the world. Joe Goddard’s current output is the most accomplished so far.

8. Chrome Sparks - <3 & Soul
I heard this on Tom Ravenscroft’s show. There’s a beautiful & almost naive simplicity to this record that reminds me little bit of Warp Records act Plone.

9. Tim Key - Waterloo

Tim Key may be more familiar to people as ‘Sidekick Simon’ on ‘Mid Morning Matters’. This track is taken from the album ‘With A String Quartet. On A Boat’

10. Lee Hazlewood - My Autumn's Done Come

Like the track from Nat King Cole which appears later in the podcast this Autumnally titled & themed track was originally intended for a summer podcast.

11. John Maus - Believer
Like being at a Simple Minds concert whilst locked in the toilet.

12. Dennis Wilson - Time
My favourite track from Dennis Wilson’s album ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’, which in recent years has gone from being largely ignored to being considered the best solo album released by a Beach Boy.

13. Max Richter - Journey 3
Taken from his his album 'Infra' which was part of a Royal Ballet-commissioned collaboration

14. John Cooper Clarke - Beasely Boulevard (Live)
Never heard before recording of JCC from one of our Shock parties back in '08. As he doesn’t release any new material these days this track will probably be new to many of you.

15. Harry Partch - Life Is Too Precious To Spend It With Important People;
Another snatch of sagacity from Harry Partch whom I would advocate more research being done, by you.

16. The Antlers - Kettering
A histrionic piece from Brooklyn’s The Antlers guides us neatly out of our spoken word section & onto...

17. Glenn Branca - Lesson No. 1
Glenn Branca’s ‘Lesson No. 1’ segues relatively smoothly out of the Antlers track, which actually may seem odd to anyone familiar with his music, known for using unorthodox tunings on his avant-garde recordings.

18. Nat King Cole - Autumn Leaves
At the time of writing its 28 degrees in London. Podcast track listings - another victim of global warming.

19. Susumo Yakotta - Imagine
Thankfully not a cover of John Lennon but a track taken from Susumo Yakotta’s album ‘The Grinning Cat’ which I vividly remember being soundtrack for a trip to London in 2001.

20. Spiritualized - 100 Bars
This 2nd Spiritualized outing on this episode, though more of a spoken word curiosity than a fully fledged track.

21. The Aphex Twin - Lichen
Richard James describes the album ‘Selected Ambient Works - Volume 2’, from which this track is taken as being "like standing in a power station on acid".

22. Charles Bukowski - The Shoelace
Time Magazine described Bukowski as the "laureate of the American lowlife".