054: In 1984, I Was Hospitalized For Approaching Perfection (Cian Ó Cíobháin)

Shock World Service 054
In 1984, I Was Hospitalised For Approaching Perfection by Cian Ó Cíobháin
09/12/13 Galway, Ireland

1. Lou Reed & John Cale - Open House
Featuring the immortal line 'It's a Czechoslovakian custom my mother passed on to me," taken from the 1988 LP 'Songs For Drella,' Lou Reed & John Cale's first post-Velvet Underground attempt at a reconciliation.  Drella was their nickname for their mentor Andy Warhol, who had passed away a few years previously. It unfolds like a succinct yet gripping short story.

2. Oneohtrix Point Never - Still Life
From Daniel Lopatin's latest LP, the new age-influenced 'R Plus Seven' on Warp.  This most imaginative of producers can somehow take the most disparate and seemingly incongruous sounds and weave them into a spellbinding sound-tapestry  … it's hard to think of anyone else in contemporary music right now doing this to such a high standard.

3. Cupp Cave - Everlastic
Belgian producer from his recent 'NVMP' EP on Ramp… there's a song, possibly an old song, bubbling in there somewhere.  I wonder who could it be?

4. Desire - Under Your Spell
New York label Italians Do It Better outfit, produced by Johnny Jewel, featuring members of Chromatics and Glass Candy. This contemporary reboot of 50's-girl-lovelorn-pop was a well-kept secret on their debut LP 'II', until it rose to prominence on the 'Drive' movie soundtrack.

5. Julia Holter - In The Same Room
I much prefer last year's Holter LP to this year's effort.  It's called 'Ekstasis', you'll find it on the essential NYC label, Rvng Intl. and features this beautiful choral-pop turn.

6. The Space Lady - Humdinger
Casio-pop from the streets of 1980s San Francisco from the fecund imagination of Susan Dietrich.   She's covered everyone from Irving Berlin to The Electric Prunes and has established herself as one of the most celebrated figures in outsider music.  London label Night School recently compiled some of her lost classics on a greatest hits compilation. Not sure if this is a cover or an original, I think it's an original … perhaps someone can enlighten me?

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