086: Budget Mattress Superstore (Datassette)

086: Budget Mattress Superstore
By Datassette
21/6/19 London, United Kingdom

1. Pierlo Umiliani - Lavoro Nero (1975)
Crunchy percussive plodder from the prolific library composer also known as Moggi. Also responsible for the 1968 super-kitsch easy listening novelty smash 'Mah nà mah nà' which would be made infamous ten years after its recording by The Muppet Show.

2. Peter Thomas & Sten Clift - Galaxy Fall-Out (1973)
One of those incongruous weirdo tracks that leaps out from an otherwise unremarkable library music album of sub-par Tijuana Brass style lifestyle themes and cheesy interludes. From that elusive 16mm-camera-on-a-yellow-background Movie Makers Music series.

3. Andres Lewin-Richter - Pulsations (1977)
From an album of wonderful electro-acoustic weirdness - one of those collections where it's almost impossible to tell how each sound was made. Very few synths on this despite it being called Electronic Mystery, this track sounds like it's probably an oboe or contrabassoon going through a filter and a couple of delay lines. Vast!

4. Robert Painter & Terence Jenkins - Moleculum (1983)
Not quite suitable for a horror film, not quite suitable for the disco, this is the best sort of library music - odd, uncategorisable and only in existence because two people were paid to sit in a room and make something that sounded like Industry and Tension and didn't know what else to do.

5. Pierlo Umiliani - Jingle No.1 (1975)
Another Moggi classic. An unstable synth gnaws at you like a rabid dog while a percussion party kicks off in the background, wild!

6. Teddy Lasry - Metallopolis (1975)
Action! Lasers!

7. Roger Roger & Nino Nardini - Super Flash 7 (1982)
Sounds like a drunken James Stinson outtake, sprawling synths fall about the place like an injured moth while a steady 808 kick n' rim pattern clicks away.

8. Chris Swansen - Snow (1972)
Chris Swansen was appointed 'composer in residence' at Moog in 1968, and after several years of intense twiddling came up with the album 'Pulaski Skyway'. Every part on the album is hand-played and painstakingly multitracked, even the white-noise drum bursts. Wholesome stuff (not strictly library music though).

9. Mort Garson - Ode To An African Violet (1976)
Not library music either, but an absolutely sublime piece of moog work with enough of a weirdo vibe to sit in the library category in my head. Sentimental, wistful and creamy. Recently reissued, this album is supposed to be played to houseplants to help them grow!

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